Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MPs need to "get real" on pay demands

At a time when millions of workers are getting zero pay rises, the idea that MPs believe they deserve a 32% increase is “living in cloud cuckoo land” said UNISON chief, Dave Prentis today (10 January).

“MPs should get real about pay, this shows they are totally out of touch with working people. How can they think that they deserve a 32% increase when the rest of the country is being told to tighten their belts?

“Across the country public sector workers such as teaching assistants, school dinner ladies, nurses, paramedics and care workers are struggling because they have had their pay frozen for years. It would be good to hear them backing calls for a decent rise for these workers – instead of thinking about themselves.

“And what about those on benefits will get just a 1% increase – a real terms cut in the face of higher inflation?

“No wonder this research is anonymous, it shows real contempt for the plight of families across the country struggling to make ends meet.”