Thursday, 22 May 2014


UNISON Lanarkshire Health branch has received correspondence from our national offices advising that ISS Senior management at a UK level (not Hairmyres) have decided to cut staff’s terms and conditions across their NHS contracts in England and Scotland.
The company propose to withdraw weekend enhancements to all staff who fall ill and as a consequence are not fit for work. Their proposed attack on weekend enhancements and their alternative proposal would mean that staff who fall ill will only receive sick pay based on their BASIC hourly rate.
They confirmed their proposals in a letter dated 7 May 2014.
It is the intention of ISS to have this cut implemented by 1 August 2014.
UNISON has written to Chris Ash, ISS Head of Healthcare, advising that UNISON Lanarkshire Health Branch and its members within ISS will NOT
be accepting this attack on our members terms and conditions.
Mary Samson, UNISON Branch Secretary said “UNISON fought long and hard to get ISS staff at Hairmyres onto Agenda for Change rates of pay, and as such we will NOT be accepting a dilution of those rates.”
ISS stated reason for targeting weekend enhancements when staff are off on sick leave is based on their belief that sickness rates are running higher at weekends than on weekdays. This we believe is a UK wide view and does not necessarily reflect the position locally at Hairmyres.
UNISON urges all its members in ISS NOT to sign up to these changes, this affects all staff within ISS—whether you work weekends or not.
If ISS get away with attacking sick pay and weekend enhancements— there is nothing to stop them attacking other terms and conditions at a later date.
Remember they are in the NHS for a PROFIT!